Leadership Team

Andrew Jones.jpg

Director: Andrew Jones 


Oversees all events, provides direction for the leadership team, and oversees event staff.



Sofia Rodriguez.jpg

Coordinator of Recruitment and Retention: Sofia Rodriguez 


Oversees event staff members, recruitment and retention events, and leads all CAB member weekly meeting.



Idania Garza.jpg

Coordinator of Marketing: Idania Garza 


Oversees all marketing and promotion aspects of events and the organization.



Alyssa Scott.jpgAlan Contreras.jpg

Coordinators of Programming: Alyssa Scott and Alan Contreras

ascott12@islander.tamucc.edu acontreras11@islandertamucc.edu

Oversee all planning and organization of events, including contact with outside companies that provide services to the organization.



Jahleepha Bailey.jpg

Programming Chair: Jahleepha Bailey


Helps the leadership team with multiple tasks, more specifically the programming coordinators with event planning.