Mission of Fraternity and Sorority Life 

The mission of the Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi Fraternity and Sorority Community is to enhance the college experience of fraternity men and women and compliment the mission of the university through engagement, service, scholarship, diversity and leadership opportunities. As leaders of the student body, the fraternity and sorority community will consistently strive to promote a positive image of Fraternity and Sorority Life, both on campus and in the community. In addition, fraternity and sorority leaders will strive to maintain a respectful and unified environment in which members and their organizations can positively develop into responsible global citizens.

Values of the Fraternity and Sorority Life Community

To be a student leader in the fraternity and sorority community at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi is to be held to a higher standard.  Our community has adopted general values that all fraternity men and  sorority women are expected to uphold in order to be a productive contributor to the progress and growth of the fraternity and sorority population. 

Scholarship - Fraternities and sororities at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi strive for academic excellence.  Fraternity and sorority members are encouraged to achieve higher GPAs than the TAMU-CC average for all men and all women respectively. All groups must maintain a 2.5 chapter cumulative, chapter semester and new member semester GPA in order to remain in good standing.

Service - Fraternities and sororities are contributing members of society. As a community, we believe it is important to give back. The groups collectively dedicate countless hours to help local charities, participate in community-wide service projects and raise thousands of dollars for various philanthropies each year.

Engagement - Our groups are not just a part of their own organization. When you join a fraternity or sorority at TAMU-CC, you join our whole community! We expect our fraternities and sororities to be supportive of each other and our other student organizations on campus by attending events and being an active member of the community.

Leadership - Fraternities and sororities provide excellent opportunities for growth and development via leadership positions. As Fraternity and Sorority Life, we strive to provide guidance and leadership training opportunities as well.  Our men and women are encouraged to participate in All Community Events and workshops to enhance their leadership skills in order to be role models of our own system.

Responsibility - Being in a fraternity or sorority on this campus comes with responsibility. We hold our men and women to a higher standard than the average student. Our members stand for the values placed upon them by their national organizations and we expect them to remember that when interacting with others. We expect our members to be responsive to issues, work civilly with each other to resolve problems and maintain our community’s integrity.

Unity - While they may be different organizations, fraternities and sororities are all united in a special way. Based on shared experiences through values, creeds, mottos and rituals, they share a common foundation that establishes a unifying connection amongst the fraternity and sorority community.  We expect our members to come together as a community and be respectful to each other.

Diversity & Inclusion - Fraternity and sorority members are committed to being inclusive and support cultural education and diversity. Our community is respectful and values inclusion and acceptance of difference in various forms such as difference in organizations, difference in beliefs, difference in cultural backgrounds, etc. 
Learning Domains
The following are four learning domains that our community strives to achieve through educational programs, advising, awards and training. The interventions and strategies listed below depict ways the fraternity and sorority community put the domains into practice, assessment tools that are used to gather data on the domains, and awards given to encourage education. 
Learning Domain
       Interventions/Strategies to accomplish the Learning Domains
Social Responsibility
·         Alcohol & drugs education
·         Attendance & participation of I-ADAPT programs
·         Hazing training & risk management training
·         Bystander intervention training
·         Emphasis on positive image/PR
Civic Responsibility
·         Standards of Excellence Award for Service
·         Standards of Excellence Award for Philanthropy
·         Standards of Excellence Award for Engagement
·         Leadership opportunities and training with the university and national organizations
·         Leadership development & assessment for Council Officers
·         Evaluations of Council Presidents
·         Attending and supporting diversity programs/speakers
·         Opportunities for partnership and collaboration with existing diversity initiatives & programs
·          Standard of Excellence Award for Diversity