Frequently Asked Questions

When is Aloha Days?

Aloha Days is from August 23rd – August 25th, 2018

Why should I attend Aloha Days? 

Aloha Days is designed to help Islanders transition smoothly into the Island University. Imagine starting your college experience already knowing some of the best campus leaders and more than 300 fellow first years. Not to mention having the confidence to jump right into college life, get involved, and spread the Islander Spirit! Maybe the question should be, "Why shouldn't I attend Aloha Days?"

How do I get there?

Transportation by charter bus is provided to Camp Zephyr and back to campus.  Participants are not permitted to drive themselves.  

Who are the Anchor Leaders?

Anchor Leaders are energetic and successful student leaders on campus, many of whom are Aloha Days alumni. They are students who are passionate about TAMUCC and making your first year of college successful!

What if I'm not the "Aloha Days Camp" type?

There is no type! Aloha Days is here to welcome you to the Island University. The students and Aloha Days staff that attend camp come from different places with a variety of personalities, experiences, and interests with one common goal to be proud Islanders!

 Are we really CAMPING, as in a tent and a sleeping bag?

No, although fun, the camp provides sleeping facilities that include air-conditioned cabins with bunk beds, showers, and restrooms.

 What do I need to bring?

For a packing list, please visit the Camper Info page. 

What shouldn't I bring?

That's easy: alcohol, drugs, and weapons (including knives). We take this issue very seriously. If you are caught with any, you will be sent home and will face a judicial hearing once you get back to campus. You may even have one at camp. This means you will have a record with the University. Not a good way to start off your college career. You should also avoid bringing things you absolutely love or would hate to lose.

How do I notify Aloha Days that I have special needs for camp?

On the registration form please inform us if you have any special needs or circumstances (dietary, mobility, health, etc.). Any questions regarding what accommodations can be made contact us at 361-825-2707 or email at We want to make sure your camp experience is enjoyable.

When is Check-In?

Check-in will be on August 23rd, at 12 pm in the Dugan Gym at the Dugan Wellness Center (DWC).  It’s important that you arrive promptly at 12pm to start the check-in process. Students should have their luggage, sleeping bags, and pillows with them when they check in. We will not be serving breakfast, our camper bags will have snacks, but please have breakfast before or come prepared with a snack. Once in the University Center students will not be allowed to leave the registration area. 

I registered, but I can't make it to Aloha Days anymore. Can I cancel?

In the unfortunate event that you need to cancel, remember the last day to cancel registration is August 6, 2018. Registered students canceling on or before August 6, will receive a refund of $100.00. No refunds will be issued after August 6, 2018, including those who fail to show up for camp check-in. Please contact us with cancellation requests at 361-825-2707 or via e-mail at 

Is there financial aid available to attend Aloha Days?

Yes, we have scholarship opportunities available to cover half or full cost of attendance to Aloha Days.