Aloha Days Coordinators are responsible for planning the bulk of Aloha Days including staff recruitment, selection, and training, camp logistics and camper recruitment. In addition, they are responsible for guiding the Island Leaders, Anchor Leaders, and Crew through training and preparation for camp. The coordinators help plan and set up camp and make sure it runs smoothly while students are at Aloha Days.

Island Leaders

Island leaders are responsible for training and guiding the Anchor Leaders within their Island. Each Island has Island Leaders in charge of planning Island Outings, training and ensuring that their staff is prepared for camp in August. They teach and help them understand the different situations they will encounter at camp.
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Anchor Leaders

Anchor Leaders make up the bulk of the staff for Aloha Days. They are responsible for running the Anchors (small groups) and showing the students how finding friends at Aloha Days is possible. They are there whenever campers have questions and try to get to know each student in their Anchor. Their job does not end when camp is over; Anchor Leaders are also there to help you when you get back on campus if you have any questions or need help finding a class. The Anchor Leaders are the main leaders of the campers and most likely the first person a camper would go to if they need help.


The Crew is the backbone of Aloha Days. They help out in the background and make sure things transition smoothly and are there if something goes wrong. The crew helps with the skits, dances, and anything thrown their way during camp.


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