Meet the Staff

madison-hightower mayra-najera

Madison Hightower

Major: Animal Biology; Minor: Chemistry

From: Houston, Texas

Senior; Summer 2020

I am most excited to meet new Islanders; to be able to share my experience and hopefully pass on that excitement I felt as a first-year Islander!


Mayra Najera

Major: Education

From: Dallas, Texas

Junior; May 2021

A piece of advice I would give to a first-year student is, enjoy college! Go to every activity you can. You’re not getting any younger! (But make sure to do your school work!)


chris-rodriguez erin-stocker

Chris Rodriguez

Major: Criminal Justice; Minor: Health Science

From: Edinburg, Texas

Senior; May 2020

I am most excited to share my experience and the knowledge of being an islander at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. I am excited to guide and inspire future Islanders.


Erin Stocker

Major: Biomedical Science

From: Bridport, Vermont

Junior; May 2021

If I could give one piece of advice it would be that you may not know anyone yet, but stay true to yourself and you’ll make a ton of amazing friends.

Student Coordinators

Aloha Days Student Coordinators are responsible for guiding the Island Leaders, Anchor Leaders, and Crew Leaders through training and preparation for camp. They help plan and set up camp and make sure it runs smoothly while students are at Aloha days.

Island Leaders

Island Leaders are responsible for training and guiding the Anchor Leaders within their Island. They assist the Anchor Leaders and Coordinators at camp and are available to assist students at Aloha days when needed.
anchor-3.jpganchor leaders .jpganchor-2.jpg

Anchor Leaders

Anchor Leaders make up the bulk of the staff for Aloha Days and they are split between three Islands; Izzy, Shaka, and Momentum. They are responsible for leading small group sessions and being available to answer any questions the campers might have about Aloha Days, school, classes, and university life! Even after camp is over and the school year has begun Anchor Leaders are still available for students!



The Crew Leaders are the backbone of Aloha Days. They are responsible for helping the Student Coordinators make sure camp runs smoothly and are available to assist if something goes wrong. Crew Leaders help with the presentations, free time activities, and anything thrown their way at camp.


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