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The University Center Lost and Found is located at the University Center, Suite 215.

If you have lost or found something, please stop by the office or call 825-5202.

Below are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Lost items that were normally turned into the University Center Information desk should now be turned into University Center Suite 215.
  • Items of value (i.e. wallets, credits cards, or identification) are kept in a controlled holding area.
  • Items of lesser value such as flash drives, notebooks, umbrellas, backpacks, keys, and sunglasses that were normally held at the Information desk at the University Center will now be held at University Center Suite 215. This office is a controlled access area only accessible to UCSA staff. Due to the quantity of items we receive, they will not be updated on this website, however students will still be required to identify their belongings and sign them out of an inventory logbook.
  • Sanddollar cards that are turned in will be taken to the Sanddollar office that is located in the University Center 1st floor. If a Sanddollar card is turned in with other identification, then the Sanddollar will stay with the its other lost property at Suite 215 in the University Center until it is claimed.
  • Wells Fargo Debit or Credit Cards are returned to the bank located in the University Center.
  • To attempt to ensure that lost items are returned to the rightful owners, persons claiming items will be asked to provide identification or describe the item.  
  • Items in Lost and Found which are not claimed within 90 days will be donated or sold. Credit cards or identification not claimed within 90 days will be destroyed.