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University Center


The University Center and Student Activities Department encourages student leadership, learning and growth by providing excellent campus activities, programs, student involvement opportunities and student employment.  We are dedicated to enhancing the student experience by challenging students and employees to achieve their personal best.  We also strive to be a place where our diverse campus community can learn, laugh and engage with one another.


  1. To provide opportunities for student leadership development, academic achievement, and involvement on campus.
  2. Provide opportunities for student empowerment.
  3. Create an accepting environment and provide tools for the interpersonal growth of students.  Create a forum where students of all cultures and ethnic backgrounds are accepted, understood, and appreciated.
  4. Develop community on campus by providing a wide variety of programming.  Develop programs that reflect the diverse nature of our campus.  Provide experiential learning opportunities for students.
  5. To serve as the community center of TAMU-CC by providing services, programs and conveniences for students, faculty, staff, and guests of the University.
  6. To serve as part of the educational process by being a laboratory for practical experiences through which students and others develop their intellectual, cultural, social, physical and ethical selves.
  7. To serve as a visitor’s center for the campus that will present a positive and supporting image.
  8. To support recruitment of students and resources for TAMU-CC through the quality of services provided by our staff.
  9. To provide an atmosphere and environment which stimulates discovery and examination of knowledge, wisdom and values and fosters self- expression, debate of issues, and respect for the individual regardless of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, or age.
  10. To support TAMU-CC in its mission to extend the reach of education beyond the confines of the campus by recruiting members of the community, in which this university resides, to use the facilities of the University Center for conferences and other events.
  11. To use resources efficiently and to constantly plan, evaluate, and modify to meet the changing needs of those served, recognizing that an ability to deliver effective and quality programs and services depends on our financial stability.


Here are the following outcomes that our department strives to assist students achieve.  These outcomes are assessed throughout the year and results reported annually.  While this is just a beginning other learning outcomes will be developed which align with the division’s learning domains.


The student employee will be able to effectively demonstrate reflective thought and analysis in decision making after 1 year of employment.


The students participating in UCSA programs will be able to understand others whose backgrounds differ from their own.  


The student will be able to articulate the value of service and its impact on social issues.