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University Center



UCSA Tenant Handbook

Wells Fargo
Campus Copies
Islander Bookstore
SandDollar Services
Mail Services



Floor Room Tenant
1st 108 Wells Fargo
117 Campus Copies
118 Bookstore
118D Island Market
122 Breakers Game Room
The Cove-Food Market
120 Post Office
107 SandDollar Office
Campus Dining Offices
2nd 204 UCP
204 B Aloha Days
204 C Greek Life
204 E Campus Activities Board
215 University Center Administrative Offices
218 Involvement Center

218 J

218 K University Council of Student Organizations (UCSO)
218 M Student Government Association
218 N Islander Cultural Alliance
218 P Student Volunteer Connection
218 Q UCSA Leads
226 International Education Office
3rd 303 University Services
304  Career Services
310 University Services Information Systems
318 Office of Student Engagement & Success